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 BFV: Positives and Negatives

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BFV: Positives and Negatives Empty
PostSubject: Re: BFV: Positives and Negatives   BFV: Positives and Negatives I_icon_minitimeSun Sep 16, 2018 10:30 am

I thought I'd start keeping a list of all the good stuff that BFV is set to have in the game, as well as a list of all the things that DICE are (once again) stuffing up!

I know the list will be mostly a reflection of my personal opinions, but after gaming with you guys for ages, I think we all come pretty close to agreeing on what the Battlefield games have done right and wrong in the past

So without any more preamble - the list:


  • A heavier focus on squad work / squad tactics:
         By stopping full "auto-health-regen", medic's become vital once again. Likewise, spawning in with less ammo, means having a dedicated support player in your
         squad will be much more necessary.

  • No more "random bullet deviation" mechanic:
            BF1 had a delightful little feature that meant you had only had a lucky chance of your bullets going exactly where you aimed. They would deviate of their own
            accord to try and effect "realism". Now however, we are returning to the BF3/4 mechanics where weapons have a predictable spray pattern, which you can learn,
            and then compensate for, when firing. (However the current info is that weapon recoil will be LARGE, to make things difficult for us).

  • Toss back enemy grenades:
             As simple as it sounds, but something that I havent seen in any Battlefield game in over a decade. An enemy chucks a 'nade at you - you can bend over, pick it up,  
             and hurl it right back at him. Also, you can shoot a grenade while its flying through the air, blowing it up and causing the grenade's damage to affect anyone with it's
                     blast radius, wherever it was exploded. (I assume it will have a large-ish hitbox to make it more than a 1:1,000,000 type of fluke).

  • Tanks have limited ammo:
             This is a mechanic that used to be in all Battlefield games:  BF1942, BF2, BF 2142. In 2142, a tank spawned with 30-40 shells. Use those up and you'd need to
             Then along came the "unlimited ammo" games: BFBC2, BF3, BF4, and of course BF1.....where tanks were arguably the most overpowered aspect of the entire game.
             (Think back to the beta where some people when 80:0 in the light tank - that never changed. Good tankers can still easily achieve a KD of 30 or so right now,
             almost two years after BF1 launched). Nerfing tanks a little bit will be a great change, IMO.

  • RPG's are now shoulder mounted, and can be fired while moving:
             Once again, a return to the more "normal" game mechanic. RPG's / anti-tank rockets / SMAW's / LAW's / Carl Gustav's: call them whatever you want. They've
             been in every BF game since forever, and they've always been shoulder mounted devices that can be fired off, as soon as they're equipped, even while you're
             running about the place. Only in BF1 where you forced to be stationary, then lay down, setup a bipod and finally fire a rocket 1-2 seconds later.


  • Everyone can revive:
             I'm undecided on this mechanic. Everyone can revive???? Isn't that counter-intuitive to making the medic class a vital role once again?
             But on the other hand, reviving will take longer for all classes. Less than a second for medics in BF3/4/1, will become 1 or 2 seconds for medics in BFV. And the
             other classes like scout or engineer might take 4 or 5 seconds to revive.
             Also, a revive does not mean you get back up at full health. Only a medic will give full, or close-to-full health revives.

  • No more 3-D spotting:
             Maybe this was a weakness in previous Battlefield games, something for noobs to exploit. But personally, I enjoyed being able to push "Q" in BF3 and BF4, and
             have your enemies spotted on the mini-map. The team that spammed Q the best, had a huge advantage over the other.
             Now though, the "enemy icon" above spotted players, is gone. Pushing the Q button will only place a 3D way-point marker on the ground, that just you and your
             squad can see. Still had handy feature, but to have it entirely replace 3D spotting is a let down to me.

  • Fortifications earn you points:
            Fortifications are a pretty contentious game mechanic at best. It's going to divide the community to have them in the game, and the fortifications themselves will
            have to be done exactly right, to make them beneficial and well liked by gamers. Awarding points for building a sandbag, means that you will have team mates that
            are sitting potentially miles from the action, building unnecessary sandbag walls, to earn cheap points. Team mates that you'd like to have with you capturing
            points instead. And what's worse, these guys could be coming top 10 on your team's scorecard, thanks to all their stat-padding.
            (And apparently, you'll only be able to build fortifications in special, predetermined points, that DICE have chosen....meaning that sometimes they'll never even be
            used, and other times there won't be enough fortifications to go around, for all the people PTFO'ing a certain flag/zone/point)

(More to follow as we learn more about BFV!)

Oh, and just some quick extra points to consider:

  • Behemoths are gone.
  • Elite kits are gone.
  • Random bullet deviation is gone.
  • False "visual" recoil is gone.

And they're introducing a system that truly relies on squad and team work:

  • No more lone wolf's or rambo's - because you won't spawn with enough ammo to go on a 1-man rampage.
  • You will only auto-regen a small amount by yourself. Medics are the only class that can fully heal you.
  • Anyone in your squad can revive you (but again - only medics will give you a "full" 100HP revive).
  • You can look around while you're knocked down, waiting for a revive, and actually call to team mates near you.
  • You can build sandbag fortifications around the map, to hold positions, or create a strong point to stop the enemy team flanking.

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BFV: Positives and Negatives
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