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 PUBG Hints and Tips

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PostSubject: PUBG Hints and Tips   Sun Sep 16, 2018 10:50 am

Hi guys.

This is the area for all the clever things you've seen; the interesting bits from the latest patch notes; all the streamer and content creator video's that you'd like to share with the group....to maybe give us a leg-up on the competition.

Without info like that, we'd never have known about "wave" parachuting, crouch jumping, or range finding (something I still struggle with Razz ).

So go nuts guys. Post up as much info as you'd like, if you've got the time. Because I guarantee it'll help at least one of us improve our game!

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PostSubject: Re: PUBG Hints and Tips   Sun Sep 16, 2018 11:00 am

I'll get the ball rolling with a very small bit of info:

PUBG are officially calling it a "Marker/Ping System", but that makes it sound like some kind of ping/packet loss checker, when really it's more like a marker on your compass's HUD....so I like to call it "Compass Spotting".

This extremely useful spotting tool is now available to help everyone in a duo/squad work out exactly where an enemy is.

  • It's basically a tiny marker or blip on the compass bearings at the top of your screen.
  • It only appears for a few seconds, so it doesn't permanently clog up the compass.
  • It doesnt appear on your map (it's NOT a map marker).
  • But what it does do is let people know the bearing of an enemy (not the distance, just the bearing).

Imagine if you're a few hundred metres South of me.  I see an enemy that's directly West of me, so when I shout out "Enemy, West!"......you look to your West, and see:


Thats because bearings are specific to each persons location. In the example above, the "enemy to my West", is actually at your North-West.
So if scenario was reversed, then the enemy to your West, would actually be to my South-West.

We waste time and effort, trying to describe the location, or struggle to do the calculations in our heads of what the bearing would be from your perspective
"Uhhhh, well, he's at my 240°, so from where you are, it'd be....ummmmm"......[MATH].....[HESITATION].....[ONE OF US DIES]......"your 310°!!!!!!........I think???"

Instead of all ^that^ mess, this new compass spotting tool does it all for us.

When I slap the marker down on the bearing that I last saw the enemy, (to my West), it immediately appears on your compass at the correct bearing for you (your North-West). All you have to do is turn around until you see my marker.

And each persons marker conveniently is colour-matched to their player colour for that round.
So if I'm "Player 1 - Yellow", and you're "Player 2 - Orange", then all my compass markers will be yellow, and yours will likewise be in orange.

Here's a screenshot of the marker, taken when I was "Player 4 - Green" (you can clearly see the green smudge under the bearing "South" on the compass):

Also, one last thing:

The default key bind to place a marker is "ALT+Middle Mouse Button"..... for me, it was a lot easier to simply rebind it to a single key.
(I chose to drop the ALT key, and just use Middle Mouse, but that'll of course depend on your own key binds).

Hope this one helps!

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PostSubject: Re: PUBG Hints and Tips   Thu Sep 27, 2018 1:30 pm

This a really nice addition. But we need to get into the habit of:

A) Using it
B) calling it compass mark so the rest of the team know to look at the compass not the drop mark you put down 10 minutes ago and haven't removed yet.
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PostSubject: Re: PUBG Hints and Tips   

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PUBG Hints and Tips
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